London, 48

Stans rail is a sea of beige. I found myself standing there trying to spot out another colour other than beige. A mix of MOD / punk meets long walks in the country meets I work in the city. One colour, one rail, so many different lives.


“So you like beige then?”

”Can you tell?”

“No I was just guessing!”

”Well I like what I like! How's your day going? It's been pretty quiet here"

"Yeah I think this might be the quietest I’ve seen it yet. Do you ever reach for another colour?"

"I’ve got some brown bits, see"

“That’s a light Breige at best”

”Breige?! That’s a new one. Ok you got me! This jacket may fit you, it was mine, I got into a load of trouble wearing that back in the early 90s. Just stupid stuff with my friends when we thought we were invincible. It wouldn’t get round my shoulders now!”

Takes you back to your teenage days?”

”We were a lot more free than we are nowadays”

”And then we tried suiting?”

”I had to go to work sometime”

”Your rails like a timeline of your life, love it”

”That’s true! All in beige! Maybe I should try another colour after all these years!”

“Nahhhhh you like what you like right?