London, 92

Visualise: A sea of colour and sequins on her rails, someone who really looks you in the eyes when telling a story and could go on forever. Im there for it! A selection of linen, silks, ruffles, bell sleeves, collars and shoulder pads. Yes Jill!


"Just this one please"

"Of course. Glad to see this one go to a home"

"I wish I could put it on now tbh. Is it yours?"

"No my mothers, I honestly cannot remember her wearing it but she told me why that was"

”Why you don’t personally remember it?”

”Yeah, Its 1970 vintage and my mother told me she wore it to an ABBA concert once and when she came home she totally cherished it. It was in her drawers all wrapped up in crepe paper for safe keeping. Like a present. Said she wanted to remember that night. I've got the crepe paper here somewhere!”


”She looked great in it! She is now 92 and until last year was climbing up ladders to pick apples from their apple trees!”

“What a lady! I love the idea this suit was preserved for it memory”

“Strange you should want to bring life to clothes because that is one of the reasons I think my wardrobe is so full! Every item has the potential to hold a moment in time. I have a knitted jumper my Aunt gave me, which was knitted for her by her Aunt (my Great Aunt), who knitted it for her when she boarded a boat at Southampton to go as a GI bride to USA in 1951! Just cannot part with that one!”